North Castle Citizen Corps Council
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Mission Statement

We are a group of volunteers organized under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Americorps Program, administered under the New York State Emergency Management Office, and in partnership with the American Red Cross, tasked with facilitating an opportunity for every town resident to participate in the Town of North Castle’s Emergency Preparedness Plan.

  • Our volunteers are organizing and training to operate an emergency shelter in North Castle, which would be activated in a major disaster or emergency or when
    a large number of residents are displaced from their homes due to a disaster.
  • We have community awareness and education programs to help every Town resident be prepared to protect their families in case of an emergency or a large scale disaster.
  • We have assisted our Town in the preparation and development of its Emergency Preparedness Plan.
  • We are planning to introduce to town residents other safety and emergency preparedness programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and New York State Office of Emergency Management.
  • We are seeking volunteers of all ages to assist in our programs. We will arrange
    for you to be trained by the American Red Cross, our partner in this endeavor,
    and by other government agencies that sponsor emergency & disaster prepared-
    ness training courses.
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