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In 2002, in cooperation with the Westchester Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Town of North Castle deemed it appropriate to advance emergency preparedness by offering Red Cross training to the public. The response was very stong. After assembling a core group of Red Cross trained volunteers, it was decided to form a Citizens Corps Council to expand volunteer efforts as an integral part of the Town's Master Emergency Plan.

  • On October 28, 2003, the NC CCC organized itself as an American Red Cross partnership group.
  • On November 25, 2003, it registered on the Citizen Corps Council website as the local Citizen Corps Council for the Town of North Castle with the approval of North Castle Town Supervisor John Lombardi.
  • On February 28, 2004, NC CCC received a $7,500 "seed" grant from the New York State Emergency Management Office to develop its operations. We are now preparing our Town Emergency Shelter Response Plan.

In addition to functioning as the local Red Cross Partnership Group, NC CCC functions as the Town's Citizen Corps Council.


Our objective is to facilitate an opportunity for every town resident to participate in the Town's Emergency Preparedness Plan through education, training and/or volunteer services. To achieve this objective, we have defined six goals:

    1. Manage a cohesive organization run by the Executive Council.
    2. Public relations programs: Make the community aware of NC CCC through a strong Public Rrelations Committee.
    3. Raise funds to operate the organization through a Fundraising Committee.
    4. Maintain programs to respond to local emergencies through the Emergency Services Committee.
    5. Educate the community in emergency and disaster preparedness through the Community and Volunteer Education Committee.
    6. Recruit, screen, train and retain volunteers through the Volunteer Committee.


    • We have an Executive Council that sets policy, runs the organzation, and interfaces with the Town of North Castle Emergency Preparedness Committee.
    • To contact us - any of the members of the Executive Council - for more information
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