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March was American Red Cross Month. NC4 and Town Officials Raise the American Red Cross Flag at Town Hall.


Westchester County has announced a new system will send out information by e-mail or text message that would bring members of the public more “into the loop” during a large-scale emergency by allowing the county to contact them directly. Click here for more information.

2009 Disaster Preparedness and Training Courses

The American Red Cross is offering a number of disaster preparedness and training courses in the Winter of 2008. These courses allow interested members to develop and advance their training and skills and provide ARC certification that is important in determining assignments of volunteers inthe event of an emergency reponse. Courses are given at the ARC Westchester Chpater located at North Broadway in White Plains. No charge to NCCCC volunteers. Please contact Jane Cahn at


Parents and babysitters may be interested in taking the one-hour American Red Cross training course entitled "Safe Baby Presentation". For moere information see this website:

If you are interested in taking this course, or any other ARC courses on CPR, First Aid, etc. contact Jane Cahn at

Online Red Cross Training

Those interested in learning more about what the American Red Cross does, and how they might be able to volunteer, are urged to take the American Red Cross’ new on-line introductory training course entitled Introduction to Disaster Services (ARC 3066).

This is a short, informative course that introduces the public to some of the important services that Red Cross volunteers perform when disaster strikes. A good way to understand how you might volunteer and help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. If you are interested in additional Red Cross training, please contact Jane Cahn by email at

Memorial Day Parade

The DRV and NC4 volunteers participated in the town’s Memorial Day Parade. We were joined by a Red Cross vehicle.

American Red Cross Truck at the Memorial Day Parade

Armonk Lions’ Fol de Rol

Members of the North Castle Citizens’ Corps Council (NC4) covered a booth at the Lions’ Annual Fol de Rol held in Armonk last June. The Disaster Relief Vehicle (DRV) was also at the booth so that community residents could become familiar with it.

Volunteers at the Fol De Rol

NC4 appreciates the support of the Armonk Lions for a booth, and their assistance in educating the community about the importance of disaster preparedness for local residents.

Handing out liturature on emergency preparednessNC4 volunteers displayed a considerable variety of helpful literature addressing disaster relief preparedness as well as essential phone numbers on a magnetic “refrigerator” card. The pamphlets on emergency preparedness were made available through NC4’s partner, the American Red Cross.

Members were available to answer questions and to recruit new volunteers from the community.

Anyone interested in volunteering to join NC4 can contact Jane Cahn at

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